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31 Oct - 3 Nov


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“For the first time in a long time, I'm smiling, my mind is calm, and I have hope for the future. And that's because of Grief Retreat.”


"The depth of the relationships that we shared in that time, some people don't feel in a lifetime."


"It was so beautiful, powerful and transformational. It blows my mind what happened there."


Grief is a universal human experience... so how can we embrace it?

Join Olivia and Iola for a 4-day deeply-held immersive retreat where you will remember, release, renew, and embrace your grief as an integral part of the human experience.

Remember, Release, Renew.

A safe, sacred space to honour and process

your grief.

With our busy pace of life and the lack of grief rituals in western culture, we often do not give ourselves the time and space to grieve properly, or at all.

This unexpressed energy can get stuck in our bodies and cause illness, depression, addiction and anxiety. Many of us fear going into our sorrow, anger, guilt and shame without support, so we bury our grief and 'get on with it.'

Perhaps we worry about being a burden on our friends or family. Possibly we don't even know we have stuffed it down, until it erupts, out of nowhere, months or years later. Maybe we have forgotten what it is to feel lightness and joy and need a helping hand to come home.

At the Grief Retreat, we create a nurturing space where you can share, feel and move through your grief with the support of community, nature, nourishing food, movement, ritual and ceremony.

Together, we learn to embrace our grief - all parts of it - celebrating the growth that it brings to our lives and the gift it offers in opening our hearts more deeply to love.

Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one (human or pet), a relationship ending, an abortion or miscarriage, an old identity, life pre-Covid, illness or diagnosis, or anything else, your grief is valid and welcome.

If you want to honour your grieving process and move forward with support...

This is for you.

"I couldn't imagine what a difference the retreat would make to my life, self-worth and mindset. I came out a new woman."


“To have a dedicated space just to grieve was magical for me. It's something that we all need in our lives.”


“Such a beautiful experience. I'm so grateful. Thank you.”


Our intentions

To hold a loving, safe space for the emotions and experience of grief to be honoured and felt.

To support you to get to know yourself better, love yourself more and trust in your ability to live with your grief.

To share tools that empower you to feel, manage and release the emotions that arise through grief.

To offer the opportunity to find medicine in your pain, embracing grief as an opportunity for healing, growth and deeper love.


This is a deep offering and we expect resistance, fear and anticipation to arise for some (if not all!) of you. This is normal and we welcome you just as you are.

All your emotions are welcome. All of you is welcome.

We encourage you to come with an open mind and heart.

When we begin the retreat we will give you space to feel into what your intentions are for this journey.

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Look forward to...

Nourishing food

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Chef Chloe will nurture your belly and soul with delicious, nourishing vegan and veggie food. She works in a holistic manner, sourcing all ingredients as sustainably, fresh and local as possible, ensuring the vibration and energetics of all dishes are at their optimum for digestion and nourishment.

CEREMONY & rituals

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Iola and Olivia will guide you through powerful rituals to help you to remember, release and renew. We drink cacao in sacred ceremony to activate your heart and open your channels of expression.

We connect with the lands and Mother Nature through a meditative walk to the local Buddhist temple (Hertfordshire) and a Temazcal ceremony (Wales).


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Daily sharing circles and smaller sharing groups will help you process your feelings, past, present and future. Every morning will start with a yoga and meditation practice. We will share with you somatic tools for releasing trauma and emotions*, as well as nourishing, restorative practices such as yin yoga and sound healing.

*always with a trauma-informed approach that meets you where you are and ensures you are safe and supported.

Rituals for connection and nourishment

Movement for healing and embodiment

Fresh, nourishing food to assist your process

Plus free time every day to rest,

enjoy the beautiful lands, & journal.

Meet your hosts



Olivia is a Medicine Woman, Doula and Transformational Facilitator.

She holds ceremonies and retreats, and deep 1-2-1 containers for personal development. At the core of her work is trauma-informed embodiment - meeting people where they are and creating safe spaces to connect with the body and receive its deep wisdom and healing.

Olivia has trained in many healing modalities including Yoga, Tantra, Massage, Reiki, Kundalini Energy Healing and Shamanic Healing.

She is passionate about sharing her healing journey authentically, honouring ancestral ways of living, and creating a grounded approach to spirituality that inspires love, collaboration and joy.

Iola is a Medicine Woman, Alternative Primary School Teacher and Trauma Release Facilitator.

Iola loves to sing, dance, move and play. She creates workshops, retreats, circles and 1-2-1 sessions that are immersive and transformative, indulging all of your bodily senses.

She is trained in Yoga, Cacao Facilitation, Permaculture, Tantra, Massage, Breathwork and Art Therapies.

Iola thrives best when connected to nature and uses all of the Earth's elements in her practices.

Iola is dedicated to making healing accessible to all and loves bringing mindfulness and wellbeing to local schools and charities.

Meet your chefs

Dan Dalessandro

Dan’s cooking is all about putting a smile on your face. From Italian heritage, mealtimes were as much about community and connecting, as they were about celebrating the love of the food itself.

Dan draws on inspiration from his travels across Asia and the Middle East, retreats, festivals and community-living, to bring a range of cuisine to the table for your nourishment and enjoyment.

Dan is passionate about providing food that is fresh, healthy, nutritious and cooked from the heart. He is excited to share his menu of nourishing food that will support your grief journey.


Chloe has been cooking on retreats for 10 years.

Born in Australia to Swiss parents, her work initially began in high-end hospitality venues and events. Using her empathetic, solutions-based mind she loved to ensure guests were well cared for and nurtured.

Since healing her mind, body and spirit through nature’s glorious abundance, Chloe’s passion runs deep regarding the medicinal power of food.

Chloe is always looking to broaden her skills, recently completing a sound healing course, massage therapy level 1 with the Alchemy of Touch and is currently finishing studies on the brain-gut connection.


5-8 JULY -



(mixed gender retreat)

31 OCT - 3 NOV



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(women only retreat)

Nestled amongst whimsical woodlands to one side, with views of the rolling hills of Great Gaddesden to the other, The Croft Farm is founded on land of outstanding beauty.

Just 45 minutes from London Euston, it is easily accessible by train or car - great for London professionals looking for a quick escape to nature.

This retreat space is ideal for those who appreciate their creature comforts. Accommodation is in newly-renovated barns with underfloor heating and modern bathrooms (with bathtubs), giving it a luxurious, comfortable feel, whilst being immersed in the beautiful English countryside.

The wood-fired sauna and hot tub are added pleasures. And the local Buddhist monastery offers a welcomed silent respite from the modern world.


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Accommodation - Hertfordshire

(women only retreat)

You will be staying in a beautifully renovated barn with underfloor heating and modern bathrooms.

Dorm rooms have 4 beds per room and shared bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. We also have one private en-suite (with shower) and one private with shared bathroom available.

The barn has a cosy chill-out area and beautiful dining room where we will share meals together.

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Book Hertfordshire: 31 Oct - 3 Nov

(women only retreat)

Private ensuite

1 double



1 double


7 singles

max 4 per room



early bird

*prices are per person

early bird ends 30 August 2024

early bird

early bird


3 nights' accommodation

All meals, beginning with lunch on first day, ending with lunch on final day

Full schedule of teaching and workshops from 7.30am - 9pm on full days

Access to sauna on selected days

Resources for after-care & practice at home

1 hour integration call on Zoom after the retreat


Payment plans are available upon request. Full payment must made before the retreat begins.

By booking with us you agree to our Terms and Conditions



The Croft Farm

Dagnall Road

Great Gaddesden



1 hour drive from London

Plenty of parking onsite

Recognised on Google Maps

10 min drive from Hemel Hempstead train station

40 minute train journey from London Euston

Uber is available from Hemel Hempstead station


+44 07881 400 621

We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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